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Aisyahira Melan Omar
Another day, another chance to right the wrongs of yesterday.
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hye!aish here

Heyy you! Assalamualaikum!

Nothing much. Update setahun sekali. Cuma sayang nak delete blog ni sbb dah 10 tahun.
say what!! 10 tahun guysss. haha. So entry byk tu semua zaman hingusan.lol.

Thanks for visiting.
hanya lakaran rasa dari gadis yang penuh perasaan.heuheu.

Be nice here.


The Story Begins!

✿ tagged by timm! ✿
Wednesday, December 31, 2008 | 12:45 PM | 0 cakap cakap
1. Do u think u r HOT ?
haha..hot pulek..tade mkne nye..wee..

2. Upload a fav pic of u .

3. Why do u like this pic ?
ntah r..cm besh jea!

4. When was the last time u ate PIZZA ?
tyme bufday eja..

5. The last song u listen to ?
romance-ku ingin kamu.

6. What are u doing rite now besides this ?
thingking bout him!! ahha..sengal.

7. What name you prefer besides this ?
haa..ntah..i do lurve my name!

8. Ppl to tag
-sis diyana

9. Who is no.1?
bff terbaek!!

10. No. 3 is having a relationship with ?
haha..yup2..scndel.ahha,,bile lak aq jd scndl dy..wat citer buhung..

11. Say something about no. 5 ?
eja's sista yg merenk..haha.=D

12.How bout no. 4?
diva besame!

13. Who is no. 2 ?
togey kuh sygs!!


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