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Aisyahira Melan Omar
Another day, another chance to right the wrongs of yesterday.
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hye!aish here

Heyy you! Assalamualaikum!

Nothing much. Update setahun sekali. Cuma sayang nak delete blog ni sbb dah 10 tahun.
say what!! 10 tahun guysss. haha. So entry byk tu semua zaman hingusan.lol.

Thanks for visiting.
hanya lakaran rasa dari gadis yang penuh perasaan.heuheu.

Be nice here.


The Story Begins!

✿ tagged dr chok! ;) ✿
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 | 6:17 PM | 0 cakap cakap

haiyyyooo,,lame sudah ta buat tagged2 nie... hee..thnx chok tagged kat aq.. ;))

what is your full name?
-aisyahira binti melan

when is your birthday?
-30 dec 92

what is your daddy's name?
-melan bin omar

what is your mum's name?
-noribah bt sadar

how many siblings do you have?

where do you live?
-9262,enggang 10,bndr putra,kulai,johor.

your favourite colour?

still studying?
-waiting fer offer latter ;)

do you have a bestfriend?

do you love them?
-sgt yaww!! ;D

pop or jazz?

chicken or beef?
-chicken much better..

coke or 100 plus?
-seratus campur oke? ;)

what brand is your purse?
-no brand..what less is more rite..haha.. ;p

how much do you have in your wallet right now?

high heels or flat?
-flat sudeh..

skirts or jeans?
-jeans rawk yaww!

shirt or blouse?

watch or bracelet?
-bracelet..i do have 1 box of it..byk wooo.. hee..

favourite watch's brand?
-ta kesah,,jnji lawa.. ;)

do you have boyfriend?
-have one i guess..haha

did you love him?

did you ever kiss him?
-jmpe pong tak.. hah..;p

facebook or myspace?
-facebook la..myspace lapok duh..

what is your dream?
- ouh,,sukses in life of coz..
- happy always..
- ntah,,pape je la.. hee..

please tagged other 10 friends of yours.
-eja,ice,aty,hany,feera,azu, n sape2 je la..


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