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Aisyahira Melan Omar
Another day, another chance to right the wrongs of yesterday.
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hye!aish here

Heyy you! Assalamualaikum!

Nothing much. Update setahun sekali. Cuma sayang nak delete blog ni sbb dah 10 tahun.
say what!! 10 tahun guysss. haha. So entry byk tu semua zaman hingusan.lol.

Thanks for visiting.
hanya lakaran rasa dari gadis yang penuh perasaan.heuheu.

Be nice here.


The Story Begins!

✿ bruno mars! ✿
Monday, March 21, 2011 | 12:17 AM | 0 cakap cakap
yeahh bebeyh yaww yaww!!
haha.. ensem kan mamat kat atas nie!!tade la ensem ,tp muke dy unic..'cek syila' kate muke dy manis! ouchh ouchh suke!! korg suke tak??cpt suke!! ahaa..
sgt adore oke ngn suare dy..most lagu dy sgt best and most lagu love2 la kn.tp lirics dy sgt puitis!

so,there u go,,ni link link bruno mars punye song! hee.. hope tade ape2 problem ngn link nie oke.
korg bule click je kat tittle2 nie oke! ;)

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slmt mendengar dan slmt suke ngn BRUNO MARS!!


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