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Another day, another chance to right the wrongs of yesterday.
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hye!aish here

Heyy you! Assalamualaikum!

Nothing much. Update setahun sekali. Cuma sayang nak delete blog ni sbb dah 10 tahun.
say what!! 10 tahun guysss. haha. So entry byk tu semua zaman hingusan.lol.

Thanks for visiting.
hanya lakaran rasa dari gadis yang penuh perasaan.heuheu.

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The Story Begins!

✿ let's stop thinking ✿
Friday, September 12, 2014 | 3:44 PM | 2 cakap cakap

nak cerita soal jodoh,tunang,nikah,kawin,ommmjii omjjiii.. Wallahi, aku rase aku budak2 lagi.tak pernah sedar umur dah 22. rasa always 17.sweet 17 gittew..haha. 

D  U  A     P  U  L  U  H    D  U  A. 
nak kata dah besar mcm tak, nak kate kecik lagi,,kalau kawin ni boleh dpt baby kembaq. haha. *impian*

few days, lately, minda bergelumang dgn this kind of thing.so-called-marriage..

pening nak fikir.

well,me, myself, is trying to stop. nak stop fikir,full stop

sampai bila?

sampai ade yang berani jejak rumah,jumpa mak dan family,lets start think about it again. 

for now,let's hold this,until we both get ready for the next stage..

future zauj,
prepare yourself,,
i'm not looking for a guy yg warak ke tok imam ke segala..
i'm looking for you, A BETTER YOU..
A good mukmin,,
who can hold my hand until jannah..
who can keep calm and reduce your anger and ego.
who can love Allah more than loving me..
who can be my imam,hubby,bestfriend, and the best abi for my future caliphs..

so,when the time come,,come and see my family, and we will discuss together okay.

sekarang?diam, i have a lot things to be settle down..

bianne oppa.



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